In Progress

I've usually got a couple new works at various stages of development. Some are independent pieces. Others have some partnerships in place. Interested parties can inquire about the status of any of these projects, or express an interest in partnering on their devleopment or eventual production. 



The Behaviourists is set inside an Ottawa political think-tank, where a group of young, progressive strategists are pioneering the field of “behavioral insights”. They know how people make decisions, they know how to influence how decisions get made, and they use their skills to ensure “the right decisions” get made. But when they take on a contract to help put the Government’s controversial new economic policy on a path to success, they soon discover they’re just as prone to manipulation as anyone.

With the deadline to a public announcement looming, a tense drug-and-alcohol fueled working weekend ensues where the political playbook gets re-written, and the seductive art of manipulation conquers all.



An interregnum is a period of discontinuity or "gap" in a government, organization, or social order. To some, it marks a time of opportunity. To others, it's a time of terror.

A family gets caught up in the tension surrounding a period of intense social upheaval and violence. As certain members of the clan fall in line with the authoritarians in charge, what gets revealed is the brutality that humans can bestow on one another, even when we’re related by blood. 

This early-concept piece is being developed in a partnership with the Resident Ensemble Players at the University of Delaware.