DAISY (2016)

"'Daisy': The Campaign Ad That Dropped a Bomb on American Politics" American Theatre

Daisy is a story that, through history's irritating tendency to repat itself...resonates so deeply with our current moment that it should be required viewing for all registered voters.” Seattle Weekly

"It’s winning plays like this which can shine a spotlight helping us to find what’s important.” Broadway World

“What makes the play wonderful isn’t its big themes and its digging for the root causes of political evil...but its more modest accomplishments as an embodiment of rational, civil discourse and technologically driven psychological manipulation. We want both...Isn’t that the power of art?” Encore Arts Seattle

Daisy serves as a piece of compelling, dramatic commentary on the 2016 Trump vs Clinton election.” Seattle Stranger

Daisy is a forceful production that could not have come at a better moment. Addressing issues such as fear-mongering, racial injustice, police killings, sexism in the workplace, and the integrity (or lack thereof) of politics, it leads the audience through a provocative discussion on how we as Americans came to our point of being today.” The University of Washington Daily

“Intense, sharp, and incredibly intelligent. Learn about American history and the present in this fantastic and well-executed performance.” The University of Washington Daily



“Good theatre can entertain or make you think. Really good theatre does both. Except in the Unlikely Event of War is really good theatre.” Gay Vancouver

"Overflowing with intelligence and wit....It's like trying to figure out a Rubik’s Cube while being told excellent jokes.” Georgia Straight

"Except in the Unlikely Event of War sharply engages in political ideas on the possibilities of our time. We need more of this kind of work in Vancouver."  Vancouverscape

“Incredibly slick...A complexity that will keep you up at night.”  Plank Magazine

“Very, very funny...How many plays have so much intelligence to contain?"  Georgia Straight

“Devine proves himself once again a master of political theatre.” Gay Vancouver


RE:UNION (2011)

“As society struggles, with Occupy Wall Street, to articulate coherent resistance to institutionalized power, Re:Union feels particularly relevant.” Georgia Straight

"A compelling exploration of a small piece of American history, Devine proves himself a playwright to watch." Gay Vancouver

“A powerful and striking piece of theatre.” The Courier

Re:Union asks fascinating questions about guilt and responsibility, the need to take action against the unconscionable and the prices to be paid for inaction.” The Province

Re:Union is by any standard a great play; given the fine production it has been accorded, it is one which demands to be viewed by all.” The B.C. Catholic

Re:Union provides a thorough moral and intellectual workout, which makes it as unusual as it is welcome in Vancouver’s current theatre scene.”  Georgia Straight

Re:Union is theatre of the best sort: fresh, engaging, and bursting with an important, timely message. It provides a rare evening of theatre: intelligent, engaging, entertaining, and deeply thought-provoking.” Laura Murray Public Relations

“Sean Devine’s Re:Union is suddenly elevated beyond the history books in an engaging and clever look at a dark time.”  Gay Vancouver

Re:Union fulfills Horseshoes & Hand Grenades mandate – to produce tough, compelling, thought-provoking theatre.” The Courier