UPDATE: If you haven't already watched it, be sure to check out the Ward 9 all-candidates debate that was hosted by Rogers TV. Our debate is among the most-watched debates in the election campaign. This is a great opportunity to see all of the candidates express their positions and views. 

Sean's first priority is to be a councillor you can count on: to return your phone calls and emails, to make sure you get the services you need, to be an active presence in the community, and to be accessible to the residents of Ward 9. Sean pledges to hold regular consultations and meetings with individuals and community groups, and to respond to the concerns of the residents of Ward 9.  

With several decades of experience in communications, advocacy, stakeholder relations and community engagement, Sean will be a strong, thoughtful, and effective voice when it comes to representing Ward 9 at City Hall!

“The residents of Ward 9 want their voice to be heard in building a city that is sustainable, responsible, affordable, and with sensible plans for the future. We can build this Ottawa together.”

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