Special Bulletin Public Meeting for 780 Baseline

Dear Neighbours, 

The purpose of this special bulletin newsletter is to remind interested residents about a Public Meeting we are holding regarding the re-zoning application for 780 Baseline. The meeting will provide an opportunity for Councillor Devine to hear directly from residents and for the community to hear about the latest changes to the development proposal. Our office will be hosting this virtual public meeting on Thursday, January 12, starting at 7:00pm. Councillor Riley Brockington will also be participating in this meeting and residents of Ward 16 are more than welcome to attend an participate. 



The meeting will be held on ZOOM. You can link to the meeting here:   
ZOOM Meeting ID: 910 4778 4819 

Please note: the ZOOM link indicates a meeting start time of 6:30pm, which is only to provide meeting organizers time to “set up”. Participants, however, will not be admitted to the meeting until its scheduled start time at 7:00pm.  

While we are aware there have been public meetings on this application already, the development proposed for 780 Baseline has undergone significant changes in recent months and, since the Ward 9 community has not yet had the opportunity to engage with their new councillor on this application, we decided that a new meeting is in order.  

This meeting is open to all members of the immediately neighbourhoods of Fisher Heights and the adjoining communities. Along with Councillors Devine and Brockington and our staff, this meeting will also include the participation of City of Ottawa planners, as well as the project’s developer and members of his team.  

The purpose of this meeting is to share comments/concerns about the application, as well as to ask questions to the various stakeholders. Following the meeting, residents will have until January 15 to submit written comments on this application.  

Councillor Devine’s Executive Assistant Tim Abray will moderate the meeting, with a requirement that the discussion be civil and respectful to all parties involved. Questions and comments will largely be taken from the ZOOM Chat function, so please be prepared to submit comments and questions in written form, during the meeting. We may not be able to get to each question, individually, but we will make our best effort to ensure that we address as many of your questions as is possible in the time available. 

Following the meeting, residents will have until January 15th to submit their written comments on this application on the City of Ottawa's website.   



Please note: There is still no date confirmed at this time for this application to be reviewed at a Planning Committee meeting.  

In the autumn of 2022, The City of Ottawa received a revised Zoning By-law Amendment application to construct three high-rise apartment buildings at 780 Baseline Road, locally known as the Lone Star Plaza.  The height of the towers and number of units both increased from the original application. 

The towers were originally proposed to be 25-29 storeys in height and are now 28-32 storeys.  The number of units have been amended to increase from 868 to 998.  The podiums have been reduced in height from 6 storeys to 4. The developer has also purchased properties at 7 Hilliard and 9 Hilliard for the purpose of remitting that land to the city for the purpose of a new city park.  

For more information, please visit the City of Ottawa’s Devapps site at:  https://devapps.ottawa.ca/en/applications/D02-02-22-0049/details 

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