Protecting our communities

All across Ward 9, residents have made it abundantly clear: they're concerned about speeding on residential streets. As a parent myself, I will work hard to put in place effective traffic calming and enforcement methods, while also working to lower the speed limit in residential zones and putting better infrastructure in place to enhance safety for pedestrians and cyclists. 

Our city has faced many emergencies from floods to tornadoes, to political occupations. When crises happen, we need to be better prepared with clear plans of action, and effective communication. I want to mobilize community associations and local leaders across Ward 9 to be ready to respond to a variety of crises. Engaged communities are responsive communities! And if Ottawa’s future includes devastating windstorms, then we need to explore burying our power lines.

Ottawa's police have faced challenges in recent years, whether in its leadership, jurisdictional confusion, or by having exhausted officers respond to a growing number of calls that are often outside their training. Ottawa needs a modern police force, just as we need robust community services. When it comes to protecting our vulnerable communities, including people experiencing homelessness, or those suffering from mental health or addiction issues, we need to invest more in our city's social service professionals who are better-equipped to handle these situations. It's about sending the right person to the right place at the right time. 

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