April 25, 2023 Newsletter


Flood Relief 

As residents across the city have heard, the Ottawa River has once again risen to dangerous levels, causing flooding risks to low-lying communities on both sides of the river. While at this time it does not appear that the water will rise to the historic levels experienced in 2019, there remains a lot of rain and snow melt still to come. The next few weeks will be critical.  

I was president of the Trend Arlington Community Association in 2018 when a tornado devastated my community, and so I know the critical role that volunteers play in both disaster relief and emergency preparedness. There’s only so much that the city can do, and there’s always a need for more helping hands.  

And so last Thursday my team and I went out to Constance Bay to support my colleague Councillor Clarke Kelly, and to help wherever we could. There was a senior citizen whose house on Armitage Way was already beginning to flood by the time we got there, with the river’s waves already creeping up the stairs on her deck. The three of us built a sandbag wall along her shoreline, keeping the water from cresting further towards her house.  

I’m hoping that you can now do the same. I can tell you with absolute confidence that giving three or four hours of your time to protect someone’s house from flooding is a rewarding and valuable experience that you will not regret. And for those of you that can’t lift sandbags, there’s more ways to help. You can fill sandbags, deliver supplies, shuttle volunteers, even donate food and other necessities. 

West Carleton Disaster Relief is the non-profit organization organizing flood relief efforts in the Dunrobin/Constance Bay area. They are certainly looking for volunteers. Nothing would make me prouder than some residents from Ward 9 showing up to lend a hand! 


Update from City Hall  

Last week at City Hall councillors and media were invited to a technical briefing on the City of Ottawa’s action plan to respond to the recommendations from the public inquiry into Stage 1 of Ottawa’s LRT system. As part of this briefing, councillors were invited to ask questions about the action plan. While I remain concerned about our LRT’s reliability after repeated technical failures, I am just as concerned about the lack of transparency at City Hall that led to the approval of such a flawed system, as well as the seeming lack of accountability for these failures.  

In addressing this concern, the City Clerk Rick O’Connor promised that new rules and procedures would soon be put in place to help improve transparency at City Hall. During his presentation at this briefing, the City Clerk quoted a line Commissioner William Hourigan’s Report in the LRT Public Inquiry:  

“The public must be able to trust that the government is making decisions based on complete, accurate and timely information. Anything less risks undermining the public trust.” 

With that in mind, I brought a question to the City Clerk and the rest of staff, which you can watch here. Briefly, my question suggested that transparency and openness are central to accountability. But accountability only has currency when failures lead to a consequences. There were rules and principles in place to prevent this lack of transparency before. Neither these rules nor these principles were respected, and seemingly without sanction or consequence to anyone. Whether through a reinforcement of the current rules, or the addition of new rules, could we expect greater transparency and accountability moving forward? 

The answer I was given was “yes”.  

One of my campaign promises was to fight for greater accountability and transparency at City Hall, and to ensure that Council’s oversight role is properly respected. Residents can count on me to keep a watchful eye on how these principles are upheld.   



Bus Route Review Public Consultations 

On April 27, OC Transpo will launch an important public consultation process. With changes to transit ridership since the onset of COVID-19, and with the upcoming opening of the Stage 2 O-Train extensions, there will be a need to conduct a review of our bus routes in order to optimize our existing transit system. This review aligns with the ongoing city-wide service reviews being coordinated by the Service Review Working Group.  

Upon the conclusion of this review process, OC Transpo is looking to optimize bus routes to support residents’ changing transit needs, while also responding to new realities, such as hybrid work. As part of the review, transit customers, Councillors, customer advocacy groups, major employers, OC Transpo employees and other stakeholders will be engaged in a variety of different consultations.  

Starting on April 27, OC Transpo will launch a public website where residents can respond to a survey and other questions to provide their user experience and insight. Our office will also aim to host public meetings with residents across the ward in order to ensure that residents’ needs are communicated.  

While we are certainly hoping for a consultation process that will lead to a better transit system, we are also wary of any process that seeks to “optimize” bus routes, as previous processes to undergo this work at OC Transpo were more focused on cutting costs than on improving service reliability and customer responsiveness.  

No matter what, it’s our goal to have as many Ward 9 residents participate in this consultation as possible, to produce the best results.   


Tree Chipping 

Here's an update for residents about tree debris remaining from the ice storm. While Solid Waste curbside collections will continue to collect leaf and yard materials placed at the curb in yard bags, branches, logs and brush will not be collected with residential collections at this time due to overwhelming demand from residents. Tree debris may remain at the curb for the wood chipping operation that will take place over the next several weeks. There is no need for residents to call 3-1-1 if Solid Waste crews don’t pick up everything on their route—they are leaving the larger debris for the chipping crews. 


Transportation Master Plan – Ward 9 Projects 

On April 17th the Transportation Committee held a Special Meeting to review and approve the Transportation Master Plan Update, which is a companion piece to the city’s New Official Plan. The Transportation Master Plan sets out the guiding vision for our city’s transportation needs over the next few decades and sets out a list of potential active transportation projects to support that vision across the entire city. 

The next phase of the Transportation Master Plan Update is for the Transportation Committee is to vote on different financial scenarios for the implementation of this plan.  

The following is a list of the potential active transportation projects for work to take place in Ward 9:  





Auriga Drive and Antares Drive 

Sidewalk along Auriga Dr and Antares Dr from West Hunt Club Rd to Deakin St. 

Pedestrian - Infrastructure 

Banner Road and Nancy Avenue 

Feasibility study of a pedestrian crossing of Banner Rd at Nancy Ave. 

Pedestrian – Feasibility Study 

Beaver Ridge 

Sidewalk along Beaver Ridge between Meadowlands Dr and Eagle Ln 

Pedestrian - Infrastructure 

Colonnade Road 

Feasibility study of pedestrian crossings of Colonnade Rd near Nepean Pond Park and 38 Colonnade Rd 

Pedestrian – Feasibility Study 

Eleanor Drive, Wallford Way, Trillium Avenue 

Sidewalk along Eleanor Dr from Farlane Blvd to Greencrest Pl. Sidewalk along Wallford Way from Highwood Dr to Trillium Ave. Sidewalk along Trillium Ave from Wallford Way to Beaver Ridge. 

Pedestrian - Infrastructure 

Elvaston Avenue and Craig Henry Drive 

Sidewalk along Elvaston Ave from Conover St to Craig Henry Dr. Sidewalk on Craig Henry Dr from Chartwell Ave to 48m west 

Pedestrian - Infrastructure 

Normandy Crescent 

Sidewalk along Normandy Cres from Falaise Rd to Inverness Ave. 

Pedestrian - Infrastructure 


Sidewalk along Merivale Rd between Pineglen Cres and MacFarlane Rd and feasibility study of a pedestrian crossing of Merivale Rd at Brookdale Ave.  

Sidewalk along Amberwood Cres between Merivale Rd and Broad Oaks Ct. Pathway between Amberwood Cres and Pineglen Cres 

Pedestrian - Infrastructure 

Zena Street, Sunnycrest Drive, Barlyn Avenue 

Sidewalk along Zena St from Baseline Rd to Sunnycrest Dr. Sidewalk along Sunnycrest Dr from Zena St to Barlyn Ave. Sidewalk along Barlyn Ave from Sunnycrest Dr to Hilliard Ave. 

Pedestrian - Infrastructure 

Withrow Avenue and Capilano Drive 

Bike lanes where feasible between St. Helen’s Pl. and Kerry Cres. 

Cycling – Signage & Pavement Marking 

McClellan Road 

Improvements to McClellan Rd pathway alignments and connectivity east and west of Riverbrook Rd. 

Cycling - Infrastructure 

Meadowlands Drive 

Cycling facilities on Meadowlands Dr from Merivale Rd to east of Prince of Wales Dr. Scope may include parking and/or lane removal 

Cycling - Infrastructure 

Crestview / Tanglewood Rail  


Feasibility study of providing an at-grade rail crossing from Parkside Crescent to Woodfield Dr  

and Nestow Drive. 

Cycling – Feasibility Study 

Leslie Park / Banner Road Rail Crossing 

Feasibility study of providing an at-grade rail crossing from Leslie Park to Banner Rd. 

Cycling – Feasibility Study 


Street Sweeping 

Our city-wide street sweeping operations are officially underway in suburban and rural neighbourhoods.  Our Maintenance Quality Standards (MQS) require us to complete our street sweeping operations by May 31. Residents are reminded not to rake or blow leaves, lawn clippings or other debris onto the roadways as it can make our operations more challenging, especially if the area has already been swept. Wherever possible, please remove vehicles from the roadway to allow the street sweeping teams to complete their clean-up efficiently. 

There are no parking restrictions during city-wide street sweeping operations. 

The City of Ottawa’s street sweeping operations are exempt from the Noise By-law (No. 2017-255) under Section 21(1) and may run at any time. More information about our street sweeping operations is available on Ottawa.ca/springmaintenance.   



Community Engagement Series 

We continue to draw a diverse array of residents into our various discussion and meeting events. Sometimes the conversation is very random, and sometimes it is very focused. But the vibe of these events is always fun, honest, and welcoming. Here are some of our upcoming Community Engagement Series events:  


SynapCity Panel Event 

Join Councilor Devine on Sunday April 30th from 12 noon to 5pm at Nepean’s Benjamin Franklin Place for Synapcity’s civic education event, Navigating Our City. During the event, citizens will learn how to navigate our civic infrastructure, understand organizations working in the city, and ultimately create positive change in their communities. The event will feature organizations and individuals working hard to create in the city and will end with a panel of City Councilors from across the city. The event will be filmed as part of a new TV Ontario docuseries based on Dave Meslin’s book, Teardown. Register now to hold your spot.


Rain Ready eLearning and info night! 

The City of Ottawa is helping residents be better prepared to manage the effects of significant rainfall on their properties, through its Rain Ready program and Ward 9 is joining forces with Councillor Kavanagh’s Ward 8 to hold an online info night for residents. 

The info night will give you an overview of the program, including an introduction to a new series of free bilingual online courses. The courses will help you build up the knowledge and skills you need to better protect your property from the impacts of rainfall. You will learn about practical projects you can take on at home (like building a beautiful rain garden or redirecting your downspout) to help make a significant impact on the risk of property damage from flooding and erosion, while also contributing to building city wide climate resiliency and sustainability. 

You will also learn more about how you could qualify for up to $5,000 in rebates. 

The information night will be held virtually on Wednesday, May 3 at 7:00pm via Microsoft Teams. Keep an eye on our events page at seandevine.ca for details. 

If you want to learn more about how you can be rain ready or want to get in touch with the rain ready team, visit the program website at ottawa.ca/rain. If you are interested in the online courses, you can sign up here: Rain Ready Ottawa's eLearning Program (talentlms.com) 


Children and youth in Ottawa can “Play Free” this year 

Beginning Saturday, April 15, children and youth of Ottawa can participate in “Play Free” – a lineup of free drop-in activities that includes gym sports, swimming, museums and skating. 

Earlier this year, Ottawa City Council approved an initiative to offer a selection free drop-in programming for children and youth, aged 17 and under, in order to make recreation and cultural programming more affordable and accessible for everyone. With the introduction of these free programs, more children and youth can participate in City programs and realize the associated health and social benefits of these activities. 


  • Gym sports: From April 15 to June 25, there will be free sport drop-in sessions for children and youth. Drop-in sports will vary by location and include basketball, soccer, volleyball, badminton, pickleball, skateboarding, roller skating and Kindergym. View the schedule of drop-in sports at your local recreation facility on ottawa.ca. 
  • Swim Saturdays: From June 3 to December 30, there will be free drop-in swimming sessions on Saturdays for children and youth. Fees still apply for wave swims. View a list of recreation and community centres with pools  ottawa.ca. 
  • Museums: From June 24 to September 3, there will be free daily admission for children and youth to the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum and Billings Estate National Historic Site. There will also be free drop-in activities for children at Billings Estate from Friday, July 7 to Friday, September 1. View more information about museums and historic sites on ottawa.ca.  
  • Skate: From September 16 to December 23, public and family skating sessions will be free for children and youth. View a list of facilities that offer skating on ottawa.ca. 
  • Youth weight and cardio memberships: From July 1 to August 31, as part of a new partnership, Tony Graham Automotive Group and the City will launch a free weight and cardio summer membership for youth at select City facilities.  

Every child should have the opportunity to participate in recreation and cultural activities. Play Free is an initiative to reduce financial barriers to participation. The City of Ottawa also offers financial support through the Ottawa Hand in Hand participant subsidy program. Visit ottawa.ca for more information. 


Wildlife Strategy Review Survey  

The City’s Wildlife Strategy was originally developed in response to human-wildlife conflicts in the rural area of Ottawa, and includes, among other issues, specific information and recommendations on managing human-coyote interactions in both rural and urban settings. The Wildlife Strategy was approved by City Council in late 2013 and has not been reviewed or updated since that time. 

Residents are invited to review the existing Wildlife Strategy and provide feedback on its recommendations and implementation. The public is also asked to complete a short survey to help provide insight on the City’s current Wildlife practices. The survey will remain open until June 30, 2023. 


Wildlife Speaker Series — “Tick Talk” 

Spring is in the air and Ottawa’s natural areas and other greenspaces are beckoning. Once the trails have thawed and dried out, residents are encouraged to get outdoors! Be on the lookout for spring wildflowers, migrating birds, and biting flies and ticks. While it’s a common joke that Canada has two seasons, winter and “bug season,” black-legged ticks may be active at any time of year, depending on the temperature. The City and Ottawa Public Health want to ensure that residents know how to protect themselves from ticks, which can carry illnesses such as Lyme disease. Join City staff at 7:00pm on Tuesday, May 2, 2023 for a presentation by local experts from the University of Ottawa and Ottawa Public Health, to learn more about ticks, Lyme disease prevention, and ongoing research in our area. To participate and learn more click here. 



Covid-19 & Health Update  

Levels of respiratory viruses in Ottawa largely remain stable. Influenza, COVID-19, and RSV activity are similar to the week prior. 

Wastewater surveillance:  

  • Influenza: low levels and similar to last week  
  • COVID-19: very high levels and similar to last week  
  • RSV: low levels and similar to last week  

Percent positivity:  

  • Influenza: 2.0 percent. Low levels and similar to last week.  
  • COVID-19: 8.2 percent. Moderate levels and similar to last week.  
  • RSV: 1.7 percent. Low levels and similar to last week.  

This information and much more can always be consulted on Ottawa Public Health’s website under the Respiratory and Enteric Surveillance Report. 


Routine Vaccinations for Children at Neighbourhood Health and Wellness Hubs 

Routine vaccinations are usually given at certain ages and follow a schedule. Ottawa follows the “Ontario Publicly Funded Vaccination Schedule”. If your child is behind with their routine vaccines, they may not be fully protected from diseases such as measles and polio. Some routine vaccinations are needed to go to daycare and school. Ottawa Public Health (OPH) is now offering routine vaccinations at some Neighbourhood Health and Wellness Hub locations to children two months of age to 17 years of age. All vaccines at the clinic are free. 

*Ward 9 has a hub located at the Emerald Plaza Library, 1547 Merivale Rd. 

Who can go to these clinics? 

The Neighbourhood Health and Wellness Hub clinics can give routine vaccinations for children and youth from two months of age to 17 years of age who meet any of the criteria below: 

  • your child is a newcomer to Canada 
  • your child does not have an Ontario Health Card (OHIP) 
  • your child does not have a primary health care provider, such as a doctor or nurse practitioner 
  • your child’s healthcare provider does not provide routine vaccinations. 

How do I know my child is missing routine vaccinations? 

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) staff can look at your child’s vaccination records to see what vaccines your child needs. If you do not have a vaccination record, OPH nurses will let you know what to do. 

Where and how can I get my child vaccinated? 

You do not need an appointment. You can walk in. If the clinic is very busy, the staff will ask you to come back another time or day and will help book an appointment for you. 

What do I need to bring? 

Bring your child’s vaccine records or any vaccine documents to the clinic, even if they are in a different language. If you have a piece of identification for your child, please bring it. It does not have to be an Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) card. 

Where can I get more information? 

Come talk to a nurse at any Neighbourhood Health and Wellness Hub. There are also services available for adults. Visit our website OttawaPublicHealth.ca/NeighbourhoodHub for the most up to date schedule or call the Ottawa Public Health Information Centre at 613-580-6744, open 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday to Friday. Translators are available if needed. 


Spare Our Air — Reduce Idling in Ottawa 

What is idling? Idling happens when your car’s gas-powered engine is running but the vehicle is not moving. Most of the time idling is simply a bad habit: waiting to pick up a child, pre-heating your vehicle, or sitting in your driveway listening to the end of a song. It wastes fuel (and money), causes air pollution and is harmful to our health. 

The City of Ottawa’s Idling Control (By-law No. 2007-266) prohibits idling for more than three minutes in any 60-minute period when the outdoor temperature is between 5 °C and 27 °C. But in any temperature or situation, idling should be kept to a minimum. 

Idling causes emissions with harmful chemicals that can be breathed deep into your lungs. According to a World Health Organization report on air quality, these pollutants have both short- and long-term health impacts, including premature deaths from stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and acute respiratory infections. 

Although everyone can be affected by the air pollution created by idling, children, older adults, and persons with heart and lung conditions are especially vulnerable to poor air quality. 

Visit Ottawa Public Health’s air quality webpage for more details about the harmful impacts of air pollution. 



Dunbar Court 

One of our goals over this term of Council is to increase the volume of affordable housing units in Ward 9. One way we aim to do this is to help support non-profit housing partners like Nepean Housing Corporation. This award-winning non-profit housing provider will soon break ground on an exciting addition to their existing property at Dunbar Court, which is also the first community they developed. This new 3 storey multi-unit building will consist of 31 new units, plus a large community amenity space. Groundbreaking starts in Summer 2023 and aims to be completed for December 2024.  



Cleaning the Capital 

Cleaning the Capital is a citywide cleanup that occurs in the spring and fall of every year. Residents come together as a community and combine efforts to make our city clean and green. And 2023 marks the 30th year of the Cleaning the Capital Program! Since 1994, more than 1.4 million volunteers have participated in nearly 30,000 cleanup projects throughout the city. As a result, an estimated 1,000,000 kilograms of waste has been removed from our public spaces. 

Our office has a comprehensive list of all of the Cleaning the Capital projects taking place in Ward 9 between April 29th and May 27th. To get a copy of the list, please email [email protected]   


A New Twist for Earth Day – Reducing Food Waste! 

Here is new way to celebrate Earth Day: by learning some practical tips that will help you go one step beyond simply using your green bin and actually reduce the amount of food waste you put in there! 

Did you know that, in 2020, nine per cent of Ottawa’s greenhouse gas emissions came from waste?  

Using a green bin is a great way to help keep organic matter out of the landfill—which also helps reduce the city’s overall level of greenhouse gas production. But we can take this one step further and also start tackling the problem of food waste. And the City of Ottawa is offering a workshop to residents to help meet the challenge. 

This new virtual workshop, “I’m Reducing Food Waste,” is presented by Earth Day Canada and will teach you some practical tips for getting the job done. It takes place tonight via Zoom and runs from 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm. Register here. 


Trend Arlington Spring Things 

On Saturday, April 29 the Trend Arlington Community Association hosts their annual event. From 8am – 3pm this day-long event includes the community’s Cleaning the Capital event, plus almost a dozen garage sales, a seed giveaway, food trucks, beer sampling, and live music.  

Speaking of live music, Councillor Devine and his cover band (friends Bill Brown and Matt Kennedy) will be performing live at this event at 12pm.   


2023 Canadian Tulip Festival 

The Canadian Tulip Festival is joining forces with the Royal Canadian Navy for the Festival’s 71st edition in Commissioners Park, among 306,000 tulips at Dow’s Lake in Ottawa this May 12th - 22nd, 2023. Celebrating the Naval Reserve Centennial, the Festival will highlight the role brave citizen sailors played during the struggle for Dutch liberation in the Second World War. For festival information visit tulipfestival.ca. 


Knox Rummage Sale 

Knox United will be holding a rummage sale on Saturday, May 6th from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Stop by 25 Gibbard Avenue to find quality used items! Proceeds support local west end charities. 


Manordale Cleanup 

On Saturday, May 6th from 8:00am to 12:00pm join the Manordale Woodvale Community Association for their Clean Up Day. To register you can visit the Manordale Community Building, email [email protected], or simply show up on the day-of.  


Ottawa’s National Stamp Exhibition 

2023 will mark the 60th anniversary of ORAPEX, the Ottawa Regional Association of Philatelic Exhibitions. With one of Canada’s largest dealer bourses, a fascinating array of exhibits, and a packed schedule of study group meetings & philatelic gatherings, ORAPEX 2023 will offer something for every collector. It is one of Canada’s few national-level stamp shows, and part of the American Philatelic Society’s “World Series of Philately.” The exhibition takes place May 6 – 7 at the Nepean Sportsplex, and admission is free.  


Knox United Church and Community Garden Compost Sale 

Give your garden that deserved spring energy... Get your compost on sale at Knox’s Community Garden! Compost will be on sale Saturday May 6th, 13th, and 20th from 9:00am to 1:00pm and Sunday, May 7th from 11:00am to 1:00pm. Bags of compost can be bought for $5.00 in the parking lot at 25 Gibbard Avenue. 

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