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Alex Harris

Graham Creek Info Session

This event has already taken place.

On November 21st at 6:00pm, Councillor Devine will host an info session for residents in Trend Arlington whose properties border the section of Graham Creek that runs from Canfield Road to Banner Road. This includes specific residents on Banner Road, Canfield Road, Keppler Crescent and Parkmount Crescent. The purpose of this meeting is to provide information on upcoming preventative maintenance work to clear debris along the creek, as well as to collect agreements from impacted residents to do this work on their properties.  

As Trend Arlington residents know, the City of Ottawa has renewed the existing culverts in this neighbourhood in a project known as the Graham Creek Infrastructure Renewal Project. Part of this project included the addition of a new inlet grate at the culvert where the creek goes under Banner. While this grate is very effective at preventing tree debris from entering the culvert, it also resulted in the creek backing up due to the high volume of debris that fell into the creek. As the water levels rose and soil eroded, even more trees fell causing more debris.  

To prevent debris along the creek from washing into the inlet grate and blocking it, the City of Ottawa is assisting residents by undertaking a one-time cleanup of debris along the creek. This work will happen in late 2023, prior to the winter freeze.  

To conduct this work that is beneficial to the residents of these impacted areas, the City of Ottawa needs “Consent to Enter” agreements with each resident.  

The City of Ottawa will be distributing flyers to residents affected by this work providing information on this project as well as the November 21st info session, where city staff will be collected these resident agreements. For more information, please email [email protected] with the subject line “Graham Creek”.  

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