Merivale Transformer Station Modernization Project

Hydro One will soon begin construction on the Merivale Transformer Station (TS) Modernization Project, a $240 million project is set to increase the station's distribution capacity in order to meet the needs of our growing city.

The Merivale TS is one of two major transformer stations that together supply approximately 60% of the homes and businesses in Ottawa, playing a vital role in the distribution of steady, reliable, clean electric power that we, as a city, are deeply dependent on. As Ottawa's population grows, our power needs grow along with it. This project will supply our city when it’s needed, now and into the future.

As a city, we have, unfortunately, had more than our usual share of extreme weather events over the last few years. With climate change, we can expect to see more of them. Extreme weather brings increased risk to our utilities. And so, we need to be more resilient. That’s one more reason why this project is important. 

The construction project will commence in 2023 and be completed in 2028. It will see the Merivale TS increase its overall footprint, as it seeks to upgrade and re-position one of its current transformers, add a new transformer, construct some small facilities to contain and protect their infrastructure from severe wind, and re-align some of the power lines. As this work progresses, there will be the loss of trees and vegetation, much of which will be re-planted as part of Hydro One's and our office's commitment to environmental stewardship. 

The Merivale TS is located in the Tanglewood neighbourhood of Ward 9, and this project will most closely impact the residents and physical environment of that community. Since taking office in November, Councillor Devine has worked closely and collaboratively with community residents as well as Hydro One to ensure that the project's planning takes the community's needs and concerns into account. Our office has been impressed with both the local community's engagement as well as the responsiveness of Hydro One, which has shown genuine respect and concern for the needs of the surrounding community, and a sympathetic awareness of the impact that projects such as these have on the immediate area. 

In addition to the project modifications that Hydro One has put in place to suit the community's concerns, Councillor Devine has also been able to secure commitments from Hydro One to restore vegetation in the transmission corridor post-construction, as well as for re-planting opportunities surrounding Merivale TS. The Councillor has also secured valuable and significant financial contributions from Hydro One, which will go towards new community amenities for Tanglewood, as well as the procurement of new equipment which will serve the emergency preparedness needs of communities across Ward 9. More details on these contributions and benefits will come soon.   

On March 3 Councillor Devine took a tour with Hydro One of the site to hear planning updates for the project, as well as to continue speaking up for our community's needs. Our office has worked closely with Hydro One to ensure that the project will be of benefit not only to the City of Ottawa, but to the residents of Knoxdale-Merivale, and especially to the residents of Tanglewood who will be most impacted by the construction and expansion. Our office has been very pleased with the responsiveness and care that Hydro One has shown to date. 

Residents with questions on this project should email Councillor Assistant Alex Harris at [email protected]













Yes, Hydro One is investing in their infrastructure to keep up with demand, but they’re also committed to making tangible investments in our community. I look forward to working with them to realize those commitments and ensure that this project delivers benefit to both the city as a whole and to the residents of Knoxdale-Merivale. 

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