Ottawa River Flood Watch - Volunteers Needed

*** UPDATE: Join me on Thursday April 20 when my staff and I build sandbag walls in Constance Bay and be entered into a draw for my cover band to play a one-hour concert at any private event you want to host this summer. Email me for details ASAP at [email protected] *** 

*** UPDATE: West Carleton Disaster Relief is urgently looking for 100 volunteers April 20 and April 21 to fill sandbags and build sandbag walls. See below for a website where you can find out more. ***


We’re issuing this Special Newsletter today in the hopes that Ward 9 residents help support Ottawa residents who are vulnerable to flooding along the Ottawa River.  

Severe floods in 2017 and 2019 devastated communities on both sides of the Ottawa River. While we hope that the river doesn’t rise to those historic levels, we have the opportunity to put as many protections in place as possible.  

The City of Ottawa is providing sand and sandbags to vulnerable areas. But these communities need a lot of people to get the work done. While flood protection of private, residential properties is the responsibility of homeowners, for most homeowners, that’s an extremely challenging responsibility. When my community of Trend Arlington was flattened by the tornados of 2018, it took an army of volunteers to help do what homeowners could never have managed or afforded on their own.  

Our city continues to face an increasing number of weather-related threats. Ward 9 residents know too well what it's like for our homes and communities to be in harm's way from natural disasters, and so I hope that you can lend a hand and help your fellow Ottawa residents. Whether it’s through your skill, time, energy, tools, or donations, I hope that you can make a difference today.    

Based on weather forecasts, the Ottawa River is expected to peak this weekend, and so we need to act fast. I've spoken with my colleague, West Carleton-March Councillor Clarke Kelly about the threat to his ward's communities, and their need for volunteers. My staff and I will be building sandbag walls in Constance Bay on Thursday April 20th. We’ll be doing this work thanks to the coordination of West Carleton Disaster Relief (WCRD), a non-profit organization experienced in coordinating disaster response efforts.   

The WCRD has stressed that help is needed urgently, and immediately. Here are the ways that you can help immediately:  

VOLUNTEER: Ideally, the WCRD is looking for small groups and vehicles who can be deployed to critical locations, whether to fill and transport sandbags, build sandbag walls, assist with pumps and equipment, or help feed volunteers. To register as a volunteer, please go to the WCRD website and click on SIGN UP HERE. Interested residents can also email [email protected]  

DONATE: On the WCRD website you’ll see a list of items and equipment that are very helpful for flood relief volunteers. Residents can also donate gas cards which the WCRD will distribute to residents running generators for extended periods of time. To donate a gas card, other gift cards, food or other necessary items please email [email protected] 

I’ve always been a big believer in the vital role that volunteers play in a healthy and well-functioning society. Thanks for listening, and I hope to see you out there.  

Stay dry,  

Sean Devine 

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